Retail is dead - long live the retail...

Founded in 2015 we decided to contribute to the future of brick & mortar. Coming from a sales-driven past we are facing a new currency: Experience

Who we are

Catch 21 is a fusion of creatives delivering creative direction, retail architecture and production proficiency with one goal: Turning the Point-of-Sale into a Point-of-Experience and to make brands to sources of that experience.

To consider Catch 21 for a project, collaboration or just to say hello, please email or call us.

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Catch 21 is a partner of PUMA.
Together we evolve the space between
brand, product and people.

Catch 21 is a partner of PUMA.


managing directors:
donald schneider &
philipp michael kleinschrot

Catch 21 GmbH
torstrasse 140
10119 berlin

St. Nr.: 1130/249/50122
HRB 145 463 B